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 “Porque nada hay imposible para Dios”  “Nothing is impossible with God”

Last week we went back to the Dominican Republic for another Mission Trip. We visited friends, and distributed water filters to the small communities of Soto, the Rails, and Ranchito.

However, this was a very special visit because our dear friends from Ranchito were having a dedication for their newly finished Community Center.  We had contributed with the initial layout and design for this building but when we got there, we found so much more.

The building had become Ranchito’s own creation. The design had been embraced and adapted to fit their requirements and aesthetics. It was of the place. It truly had grown from their community. Everyone had a role; small and large.

Joy was noticeable in all the faces of those present. I interpreted to be the pride and sense of accomplishment they all felt. This was a safe place, a place for worship, a second home for many unsupervised children. It was a place for study, a place for work, a place for meetings and lectures.

What is ideal is that with Pastor Joselo at the helm, all these activities will not be exclusively for his congregation but will be available to the community at large.

This has been the most rewarding building I have ever designed. We established the seed but its growth and its influence and impact on our friendly community of Ranchito is immeasurable. Pastor Joselo’s team had the biggest role in this whole effort and they made it all their own.

What a joyful realization!

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