In an animal loving office, we felt a dog house was a great design exercise and an excellent way to raise funds for a charity that we strongly believe in. It was also a fun and exciting experience for us. We had a great time collaborating with Danny McLendon getting his input on the construction.  This locally designed and constructed doghouse has an operable butterfly roof allowing for easy access inside and is designed with a self draining roof system where the rain water drains down into a water bowl for your dog.


This unique doghouse is valued at $1,400, and raffle tickets for a chance to win this doghouse are now being sold at Bow Wow Meow Pet Company. Raffle tickets are $10 for one or $15 for two. The raffle winner will be chosen on December 28, 2013 with all profits going to benefit Seaside Animal Rescue. Make sure to stop by Bow Wow Meow Pet Company in Seagrove Beach, any day of the week, to see this adorable house and to purchase your raffle tickets.

Seaside Animal Rescue, located in Freeport, Fla., is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of animals.  When you consider finding your “new best friend”, contact Seaside Animal Rescue at (850) 797-0526 or www.seasideanimalrescue.com.

Also you can read an article on SoWal.com by Jill Tanner here: Bow Wow Meow Offers Unique Raffle to Benefit Seaside Animal Rescue



If you are interested in purchasing your own doghouse, or have any questions you can contact us at:


or by calling 850-231-8844.