One of the top architecture stories of the moment is that of Denise Scott Brown and whether she should be awarded a Priztker Prize in recognition of her contributions to the work that she and her architect husband, Robert Venturi, jointly conceived in the early1960s – work that is now considered among the more important and influential architectural manifestos ever written and for which Venturi received a Pritzker Prize in Architecture in 1991.

A movement to rewrite history and pave the way for Scott Brown to get a Pritzker is now underway. A petition requiring 7,500 signatures, of which 1,817 are still needed, can be found and signed at the web site

Here’s a sampling of what some supporters have said on the matter. 

Robert Venturi
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“Denise Scott Brown is my inspiring and equal partner.”

Rem Koolhaas
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
“I totally support this action. The fact that one of the most creative and productive partnerships we have ever seen in architecture was separated rather than celebrated by a prize has been an embarrassing injustice which it would be great to undo.”

Beatrice Colomina
Princeton, New Jersey
“We are all Denise.”

Kezia Olfiesh
Somerville, Massachusetts
“Herzog and de Meruon won together. How dare they single out Venturi over Brown.”

Pierre de Meuron
Basel, Switzerland
“Dear Denise, with great pleasure and especially with a lot of admiration for your influence and impact on our discipline, we sign this letter. Best, Jacques and Pierre.”

Jonathan Antico
Ghent, Belgium
“Because we all know what the Duck means.”

Jack Self
London, United Kingdom
“I would prefer Denise to get her own Priztker, short of that this seems the fairest alternative.”

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent