“This is my favorite property in Rosemary Beach. It is quiet, convenient, and perfect in every way. The house is a masterpiece of design reflecting exquisite taste, offering every imaginable amenity and a beautiful yard. The pictures are a modest suggestion of the beauty of ‘Timeless’.”

– Jamey & Norman







“Because of your wonderful design we have enjoyed “growing” in our home. When we first built the house we had no grandchildren. Now we have seven.

On another note, a TV crew was filming in front of the house last week and they fell in love with the house (as does everybody who sees it!)  We were thinking of you with fond memories.”

– Evans & Jerry




Mike and Karen Warren
Camp Plowden, St. George Island, FL 1994

Evans and Jerry Plowden
Camp Plowden, St. George Island, FL 1994

Dorothy Baratta and Cliff Holtermann
Quincy’s Seaside, FL 1997

Ricky and Julie Rookis
Rookis House, Lakeplace, FL 1997

Gordon and Jill Wade
Wade House, Rosemary Beach, FL 1999

Carolyn Goldsmith
Marengo House, Watercolor 2001

Cindy Meadows
Meadows House, Watercolor 2003

Ed and Laura Hill
Palmetto House, Watercolor 2004

John Willis Homes Co.
LR-1 – LR-11 Beach Homes, Cypress Dunes, FL 2005

Spence Brothers Construction
Spence House, Watercolor 2006

Ken and Shelly Minchew
Minchew House, Watercolor 2007

Jamey Bowen and Norman Wells
Wells Bowen Beach house, Rosemary Beach 2010


Recommended Contractors

Alan Ficarra

Wave Construction

Peter Horn

Bill Livingston